The world has undergone many technological changes in the recent past, with almost everything going digital. One of the major sectors affected by the pandemic’s impacts was the education sector, which has since then made tremendous steps into adopting technology in all the learning activities. With these developments, we are looking forward to more advancement in technology in the year 2022, as discussed below;

1. E-learning

This is one of the key areas expected to grow and become more innovative. Getting quality education without going to an indoor lesson is a great achievement. However, come 2022, there will be more advanced ways of conducting e-learning without strains experienced in 2020 and 2021.

2. Artificial intelligence

This is one of the most popular technologies in the education industry since it digitalizes basic activities in the education industry, making them more accessible from home without traveling to school, saving the students’ time and the teacher’s. Artificial intelligence has grown at a higher rate of up to 45% in the past year, indicating that it will possibly do better in the coming year.

3. Social networking in Education

This strategy is being put in place to ensure that students learn more from each other, mostly through imitation. This is possible through virtual distance classes where students learn through imitation, helping the students to learn from each other effectively. This helps the learners learn new things and new behaviors from each other.

4. STEAM education model

This is a model where the students are made to have a deeper study about a subject through experimentation and active involvement. It boosts cooperation amongst the students while researching, helping them be motivated. This innovation will help the student to have the best understanding of their subject of study.

5. Blockchain technology and video content

Video content is one of the areas that students best understand. An audiovisual lesson draws the learners’ attention, giving them a better understanding of the content. Blockchain technology allows the teachers to upload more content creating virtually unlimited storage for the audiovisual content.

With these plans in place, it is an assurance that education in 2022 will get more digital, making it easier and more accessible.